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So as some of you may have seen on my Instagram stories, I just got back from attending my very first wholesale buyers show (is that even what it's called? that's how new this is for me!) in Toronto and I am SO pumped about all that I saw and the new things that I’m planning to bring into the store. I can’t give it all away just yet (sorry, ladies!) BUT I did want to share a little bit more about my day since I got a ton of questions about what I was doing and what I was shopping for!

Attending the show was a bit of a last minute decision. The show – which is all things women (clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc) – has been on the back of my mind since I heard about it sometime last year. I didn’t really feel like I could justify spending the money (or time) last year but when I realized earlier this month that the dates were so close, I booked myself a flight and that was that!

I knew from doing a little bit of research in advance that it’s HUGE and then add that to the fact that I only had 7 hours to tour and shop, I made a bit of a game plan before I went! It was SO tiring but also, pretty fun. Looking, touching, feeling and getting to know new products and brands is one of the best parts of the gig, so the fatigue on Monday morning when I was back at the office was all worth it (mostly!).

Here’s a look at my day:

5 a.m. – Wake up and get ready (quickly) to leave for the airport

7 a.m. - Flight from Ottawa

8:05 a.m. - Arrive in TO … first stop: (more) COFFEE and then grab a cab.

9 a.m. – Registered and ready for opening – now it’s time to shop. Jewelry, leggings, cardigans … it’s hard not to buy everything!

1 p.m. – Time to take a quick lunch break and meet up with my friend Mel who owns Jolie Folie Boutique.

We exchange notes on what we've seen, what we've loved and where we're off to next.. oh, and make plans for a drink later (obviously!).

3 p.m. – Head across the street to the Toronto Gift Fair to check out Pixie Mood, a line of vegan bags I’ve had my eye on.

3 p.m. – Meet with with the girls for a drink before grabbing the shuttle back to the airport.

5:10 p.m. – Peace out Toronto!

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